“While our proposal was technically compliant, he recommended seeing innovation through a different lens. He brought his strategic expertise to the table recommending techniques to take us above and beyond—getting us to an outstanding rating. Lou helped us come out of the “writing” weeds to see the advantages of various types of innovations.”

Elaine Kapetanakis, President and CEO of Kapstone Technologies

In reference to https://www.govloop.com/community/blog/conflict-innovation-give-options/

“What a fabulous article. Thank you.” – JJ

In reference to https://www.govloop.com/community/blog/must-innovation-cause-conflict/

“Very good post, Lou! One of the only organizational constants is change — so being prepared for and ready to embrace change and conflict is essential!” – Matthew G.
“Great points!” – C
“Great post!” – Laura F

“What a fabulous article. Thank you.” – JJ

In reference to http://govinnovators.com/2015/02/plan-to-fail-fast-by-learning-fast/

. . . adding value to a customer by doing things differently . . .Things we have talked about. I appreciate hearing AND reading it, it reinforces the learning! – Judy F